About the company

MORAVIA Europe is an international distributor of calculators and electronic cash registers. It has been in operation in Germany since 1999. It provides its partners with comprehensive support and special services: from distribution through marketing, sales support and localization to service and customer care. MORAVIA Europe’s range includes calculators, cash registers and spare parts of FIAMO, HP, Rebell, Sharp and other brands.

MORAVIA Europe services

  • European and international distribution (national distribution)
  • Logistics including inventory financing
  • Sales support and marketing (incl. local and segmentation targeting)
  • Service and customer care
  • Development and production

MORAVIA Europe GmbH history


The original company MORAVIA Europe GmbH established


Sales and technical support for HP calculators


Distribution of: FIAMO, MONROE, Iconn, Canon, Casio, Citizen


Distribution of computer technology spare parts


Specialization on distribution of Sharp, Rebell, HP, FIAMO


Sales and technical support for Sharp calculators